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Cenyth is a wine that represents the ‘second generations’ of two families coming together to showcase an artistic expression of the place they call home, Sonoma County. Hélène Seillan (daughter of the renowned Pierre Seillan, winemaker at Vérité, Anakota, Château Lassègue and Arcanum) creates the art inside the bottle while Julia Jackson created the art on the label. It is two women, working together to carry on a friendship that started almost 20 years ago.

The Artist

Julia Jackson grew up in Sonoma County surrounded by the beauty of its vineyards and its awe-inspiring landscape. For the daughter of wine industry visionaries Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke, wine played an integral part in her upbringing. For Julia, it is a unique blend of artistry and business. A talented musician and artist, Julia finds inspiration in her natural surroundings, which play a large role in her propensity for creative design and brand strategy.
Julia’s natural surroundings play a large role in her propensity for creative design and brand stategy.
Cenyth began when Julia and her childhood friend, Hélène Seillan, came together to create a wine that would unite their artistic representations of the place they call home, Sonoma County. Julia painted the abstract artwork for the Cenyth front and back label. Her canvas combines four colors that Julia believes best symbolize Sonoma County: blue for the Pacific Ocean, yellow for the mustard flowers, gray for the fog, and green for the vineyards.
After graduating with a degree in Studio Art from Scripps College in 2010, Julia traveled to France to work at her family’s estate in Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux. During her time there, she developed a deeper understanding of the industry and learned what it takes to create a successful brand and how much hard work goes into crafting a single bottle of wine. Today, Julia is involved in multiple aspects of her family business. She works primarily in marketing and communications, and travels internationally to support the company’s global outreach.

The Winemaker 

If it is true that “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” then perhaps the same may be said about grapes on the vine – at least in the case of Hélène Seillan, winemaker for Cenyth and daughter of renowned winemaker Pierre Seillan(winemaker at Vérité, Anakota, Château Lassègue and Arcanum)Hélène is using her experience in the vineyards of France and her passion for Sonoma County to define her own style.
Born in 1987, Hélène Seillan spent her childhood in both France and California, surrounded by family and friends for whom winemaking was as much a passion as it was a profession. Following in her father’s footsteps, Hélène pursued a career in winemaking and began splitting her time between Sonoma County and Saint-Émilion. Starting in 2006, she served as assistant winemaker for her father at the family’s Bordeaux estate, where she worked on all aspects of winery management showing the same talent, passion and ability as her father.
Cenyth represents Hélène’s mentorship with her father, world-renowned winemaker Pierre Seillan. Applying the knowledge and techniques she has observed and learned from her father over a lifetime, Hélène crafted the inaugural 2009 vintage of Cenyth, a Bordeaux- blend from mountain and hillside vineyards in Sonoma County.
As she continues on her path as winemaker, Hélène is using her experience in the vineyards of France and her passion for Sonoma County to define her own style. Through her old and new world experience, she has learned many lessons and important values, but perhaps none are as significant as the lessons she continues to learn from her father.
The name Cenyth represents Hélène Seillan beginning her journey as a winemaker. Her knowledge is young. It is powerful. And it is fueled by her inspiration and ideas waiting to reveal themselves.Hélène holds a degree in Viticulture and Oenology from the Institut Rural de Vayres in Bordeaux. When she is not in the vineyards, Hélène likes to indulge her second passion for food and enjoys cooking for friends and family.

The Wine

2014 Cenyth Red Blend

Old world style, showcasing a ruby core moving to a pinkish-purple outer rim. Initial aromas are of high-toned red fruit: wild young strawberries, just-picked raspberries and cherries yield to a second, more brooding layer of black currant and plums.Through the lifted floral expression of violets, damson and lilacs, an earth-driven bouquet emerges, showing iron, clay, and a loamy volcanic ash. Seamless in its structural integrity.

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