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Sleight of Hand Cellars is Washington’s Next Cult Winery

Sleight of Hand Cellars delivers simply magical wines We all covet Cayuse and love Leonetti, but who can get them? Now is the time to start collecting the bottles that will be the next big thing.  Sleight of Hand cellars is on our short list of wineries to watch. Delicious [...]

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#2 Wine of the Year- 2015 Matthew Wallace Cabernet

Wine Spectrum Top 100  #2 Wine of 2018 2015 Matthew Wallace Cabernet  Cabernet Sauvignon |  Napa Valley |  Wine Spectrum 96 | Buy Here This is the One. The wine you cannot pass up. This phenomenal cabernet is made by 2016 winemaker of the year Julien Fayard, who learned his craft at Chateau Lafite [...]

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#9 Wine of the Year – 2016 Fortune 1621

Wine SpectrumTop 100  #9 Wine of 2018 2016 Fortune 1621 Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet Sauvignon  |  Napa |  Wine Spectrum 93+ | Buy Here As the second label for Darms Lane, a rising star Napa Valley producer whose Cabernets range $60-$90/btl…  at under $30/bottle Fortune 1621 renders an incredibly high level [...]

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In the tradition of Sassicaia, Ornellaia and Tignanello comes another Great Super Tuscan by Querciabella

Italy’s most acclaimed and coveted wines, with names like Sassicaia and Ornellaia and Tignanello are as recognizable among collectors as Screaming Eagle and DRC.  These wineries had a profound impact on winemaking in the region, and inspired a number of Tuscan wineries to begin experimenting with their own Super Tuscans. Broadly speaking, this meant incorporating Bordeaux [...]

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8 Years in the Desert : A New Wine from Dave Phinney and Orin Swift

Wine lovers across the country may not know him by name, but they have seen and drank his wines. They are everywhere, from grocery stores to high-end wine shops. Even the wine-curious, that know his many brands, such as the Prisoner and Orin Swift, know little about the mind behind [...]

Former Screaming Eagle Winemaker, Andy Erickson’s New Wine: Leviathan

His resumé is extensive, Screaming Eagle, Harlan, Spottswoode, Ovid, Dalla Valle, Staglin, Favia, Mayacamas, Mulderbosch.  Andy knows a thing or two about making wines in California. Not just any wines, he has been winemaker at some of the most legendary wineries in The United States and is now even dabbling [...]

Jim Barbour; the best Vineyard Manager in Napa?

Jim was raised in Napa Valley on his family's ranch in Rutherford, now home to Sequoia Grove Winery. The ranch was planted in prunes, apples and grapes - a diverse set of crops and fairly typical of the time. The wine industry had not yet fully kicked into gear and [...]

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Coho Wines : Inspired by Legend

The choice of COHO Wines as the name of the brand might seem curious as it doesn’t invoke images of vineyards or wine, but to them the salmon embodies an innate wisdom so essential to understanding ourselves and our environment. As stewards of the land, winemakers must strive to sustain [...]

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Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Powerful”

Today's word is used to describe robust wines of great substance. Powerful wines can be a bit overwhelming to the palates of those who prefer their wines on the mellow side. Despite their potent nature, these wines never lack a sense of balance,  which is why this is viewed as [...]

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Meet the Winemaker: Justin Lattanzio

Justin Lattanzio moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in the Fall of 1996, knowing very little about wine. However, with all of the great restaurants and wine shops in the San Francisco Bay area, it was easy for him to find and to taste some of the finest [...]

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