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Sleight of Hand Cellars is Washington’s Next Cult Winery

Sleight of Hand Cellars delivers simply magical wines We all covet Cayuse and love Leonetti, but who can get them? Now is the time to start collecting the bottles that will be the next big thing.  Sleight of Hand cellars is on our short list of wineries to watch. Delicious [...]

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Winemaker of the Year Phillip Titus

Winemaker of the Year just announced! There are only a handful of California winemakers with a strong point of view, whom many would call legendary or iconic. These winemakers stay true to their own visions and the results taste incredible.  Philip Titus is now etched permanently onto that list as he joins [...]

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Coho Wines : Inspired by Legend

The choice of COHO Wines as the name of the brand might seem curious as it doesn’t invoke images of vineyards or wine, but to them the salmon embodies an innate wisdom so essential to understanding ourselves and our environment. As stewards of the land, winemakers must strive to sustain [...]

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Meet the Winemaker: Justin Lattanzio

Justin Lattanzio moved to San Francisco from the East Coast in the Fall of 1996, knowing very little about wine. However, with all of the great restaurants and wine shops in the San Francisco Bay area, it was easy for him to find and to taste some of the finest [...]

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Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Barnyard?”

B is for…Barnyard? You will often hear people describe a wine as having barnyard aromas or related terms like "horsey, manure, animal, etc." Wines with this aroma are best described as earthy, with animal scents that remind tasters of well, a barn. However, this isn't always a bad thing! In [...]

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Bottles and Corks

Wine packaging, like the people that enjoy it, comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Later on, we will set aside some time to discuss bottle sizes (from a 187.5mL Piccolo to a 30L Melchizedek). For now, let’s talk about shapes, colors, and corks. BOTTLES 1. Bordeaux: Straight-sided and high-shouldered with a pronounced punt. 2. Burgundy: Tall bottles with sloping shoulders and a smaller punt. 3. Rhône: Similar to the tall bottles with sloping shoulders and a smaller punt of Burgundy, but traditionally less fat. 4. Rhine: Narrow and tall with little or no punt (typically brown glass) 5. Mosel/Alsace: Narrow and tall with little or no punt (typically green glass) 6. Champagne/Sparkling: Thick-walled and wide with a pronounced punt and sloping shoulders. 7. Chianti: The fiasco, a round-bottomed flask encased in a straw basket. This is more often used for everyday table wines; many of the higher-grade Chianti producers have switched to Bordeaux-type bottles. 8. Fortified: Many wines that have been fortified (Port, Madeira, Sherry, etc.) are in very sturdy bottles with a small bulge in the neck to help catch sediment. […]

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How Many Grapes in a Glass of Wine?

This morning at 530am, Harvest officially began in Napa with sparkling producer Mumm Napa starting us off yet again. With the summer months beginning to wind down, kids are getting ready to start school, leaves will soon start to change, and significant others all over wine country are preparing to [...]

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“One of the Top 9 Wine Consultants in the World” – Robert Parker

Philippe Melka: I spent much of my youth in Bordeaux, France, earning my geology degree from the University of Bordeaux. On a whim, I took a wine course in my final year of study - a decision that changed my life. My journey started at Chateau Haut Brion (where my [...]

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David Abreu: Vineyard Manager Extraordinaire

"When the history books are written, David will go down as the most influential person in the California wine industry. He has had his hands in all of the great wines since the early 1990s." - Brad Grimes; winemaker David Abreu, a third-generation rancher from St. Helena, California and graduate of the Viticulture and Enology program [...]

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Mondavi+TRB+Barbour = Magic in a Glass

ALOFT is a Mondavi Family project with the father daughter team of Marc and Angelina Mondavi. These 2nd and 3rd generation winemakers are working alongside Thomas Rivers Brown to make this special and magical Howell Mountain Cabernet. Marc's best friend, the esteemed Vineyard Manager Jim Barbour, farms the Cold Springs [...]

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