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Uncommon & Rare Wines You Need to Try

uncommon wines to try

Cabernet….Chardonnay…. There’s a reason these tried and true varietals are the most popular in the world. But with thousands of different varieties in existence it’s worth it to venture outside your wine tasting comfort zone now and again and try some uncommon wines. We’ve created a guide of our favorite off-the beaten path varietals from all […]

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

people wine tasting

Becoming a better wine taster is the first step in becoming a better wine buyer. Our goal today is two-fold: to be able to help you identify a wines quality and be able to detect its faults and to dispel any fears or uncertainties you might have about wine tasting. At it’s core wine tasting is […]

What You Should Know About Bordeaux

cork with Bordeaux written on wood

With a history dating back to the Romans and home to some of the most expensive wines on Earth, Bordeaux is the modern-day red wine mecca. This famous winemaking region’s maritime climate, celebrated parcels of land, distinguished collection of grape varieties, well-honed traditions and complicated classification systems all come together to form the winemaking wonder that […]

The Most Popular White Wine on Earth

sign with Chardonnay written on it in a vineyard

Travel to any wine region in the world, and you’ll find at least one vineyard growing Chardonnay. It’s a wine that can be simple or regal, aged for many years or consumed immediately. So how did Chardonnay become so popular, and why does it sometimes get a bad rap? HISTORY AND WINEMAKING Chardonnay was born in […]

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