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Your guide to Easter Candy and Wine Pairings

Champagne and Peeps

Easter is one of those holidays that can be tough to celebrate once you’re an official grown-up. But why should kids have all the fun? While you’re busy playing Easter bunny and filling up all those plastic eggs for Sunday, maybe it’s time to enjoy the perks of being an adult and pair those sweet confections […]

Powerful Mountain Cab from larger-than-life winemaker Ed Sbragia


Ed Sbragia is perhaps most well known as the Master Winemaker at Beringer for nearly 30 years. Ed made the High-Mountain-Cabernet program famous there after having the best selling wine in world for over 10-years. And Robert Parker has given him more 90+ scores than any living winemaker! On top of all this he is only winemaker […]

Is the Red Blend Trend Here to Stay?

red wine with words

Everywhere from high-end wine shops to supermarkets, red blends are suddenly white-hot. But what are 
they, exactly?  Here’s a question that may not have occurred 
to you before: When is a wine like a burrito? The answer, as I recently discovered, becomes clear when you’re making one—specifically, a red blend. Let me define the term. […]

Question? Question?