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This Week’s Featured Wine is from….Slovenia?

edi simcic duet lex

When you think of the world’s greatest wine producing regions, Slovenia probably is not one of the first countries that comes to mind; however, it is possibly the most unusual wine culture in the world, certainly in Europe. Home to the world’s oldest grape vine, wine making in Slovenia existed long before the Romans introduced winemaking […]

Oregon: The Frontier for America’s Best Pinot Noir

Drink Pinot Think Oregon

In its classic Burgundian form, pinot noir epitomizes so much that wine lovers prize. It is a grape capable of grace, finesse and complexity, yet powerful enough to age for decades, with an unsurpassed ability among reds to express the intricate nuances of a particular place. The Oregon pinot noir bridge can span Old and New World […]

Winemaker Spotlight: Thomas Rivers Brown

winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown

Turley Estate, Schrader, Maybach Cellars, Outpost, Rivers-Marie, Round Pond, ALOFT, and Kinsella. These projects and others are what prompted Food & Wine Magazine to name Thomas Rivers Brown its 2010 Winemaker of the Year. One of the most exciting young talents in Napa Valley, Thomas was born in Sumter, South Carolina. He developed an interest in wine […]

All Your Chardonnay Questions Finally Answered

chardonnay grape cluster

If you’re a wine-drinking adult, you’ve probably had a glass of Chardonnay at some point in your life. But the Chardonnay that you most recently had in your glass is most likely quite different from the one your colleague had at happy hour last night. That’s because Chardonnay is one of the most versatile varieties in the entire […]

Stolpman Vineyards is a Syrah Lover’s Paradise in Ballard Canyon

Stolpman Vineyards

Domestic Syrah may have fallen out of favor over the years, but there are incredible expressions of this varietal to be had if you know where to look. Today’s best California Syrah brings forward all the savour and spice of the finest northern Rhône models, with just a bit more sunshine in the mix. Stolpman Vineyards […]

Cloudburst’s Cabernet Sauvignon: The Great Story Behind This $300 Bottle of Wine

hands holding wine bottle and glass

Cloudburst has become one of Australia’s cult wines. It is also one of the most difficult to get your hands on. Even if the $300 price tag doesn’t present a problem, finding a bottle to buy is a challenge. The tiny vineyard produces no more than 550 cases a year, which usually sell out instantly. If […]

25 Great Summer Wines to Pair with Grilled Food

wine glass and barbecue

With summertime just around the corner, most of us are dreaming of long warm nights and time spent outdoors and that usually includes firing up the grill. Grilling doesn’t require a lot of thought—more, than I’ve given it at times, but not a lot. It’s a forgiving method of cooking. Similarly, pairing wine with grilled […]

Jayson Woodbridge and Hundred Acre create a possibly perfect wine.

hundred acre wine label

“Good” isn’t a word Jayson Woodbridge, owner, vintner and visionary of Hundred Acre would use when it comes to his wines. His motto is clear and concise, “stand amongst the very best or not at all”; he’s spared no expense assembling one of Napa Valley’s most exciting wines. Accompanied by a team of Napa Valley’s brightest […]

Mia Klein: The Winemaker Behind Some of the Most Iconic Napa Wines

Mia Klein

Dalla Valle, Araujo, Bressler, Spottswoode, Viader… Mia Klein’s clients describe her palate as deadly accurate. That’s why she’s one of the most sought-after winemaking consultants in America. Mia Klein is among the most widely respected winemakers in California. She is credited with an innate ability to craft wines of finesse and balance from top-quality fruit. Before […]

Five Reasons You Need to Skip the Grocery Store Wine Aisle

wine aisle

Hooked on the convenience of grocery store wine? Find out why shopping for wine at large chains is not all it’s cracked up to be. Sure it might be easy to turn down the wine aisle of your local grocery store and grab a few bottles to toss in your cart. Everyone loves a “one-stop […]

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