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The Secret to Italian Wine and Food Pairing

wine and pasta

Lets talk about Italian wine and food pairing! To begin lets get some technicals out of the way. Sometimes opposites attract, but not always with wine and food. It’s not necessary to always get to mixed up into “what must be drunk with what” according to some wine aficionado’s. Go with Chef Michael Chiarello’s motto […]

Atlas Wine Co. wants to revolutionize grocery store wine

three wine bottles

Alexandre Remy is not interested in making high-end wine. “$60 Pinot Noir is a huge financial disaster,” says the winemaker. “I know. I tried it.” Remy, a partner in Atlas Wine Co., is now trying to make a different sort of wine under his Oro Bello and Omen brands: inexpensive and with a flavor profile […]

Get Ready to Rosé all Day

Rose All Day with arm holding wine glass

So what has spurred the popularity of pink wine? In part, we can thank the younger generations (we’re looking at you millennials). With clever names and even more innovative packaging you’d be hard pressed to find a more “insta-worthy” wine than Rosé.  Pair all this visual appeal with a price tag that can accommodate any budget and you’ve […]

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