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Four Mondavi Sisters Continuing Family Tradition with Dark Matter Wines

Mondavi sisters

Four sisters, all fourth generation of Mondavi family and grand-daughters of late Peter Mondavi Sr., among many other roles they play in the family wineries and outside, together they are also running an independent boutique winery in Napa Valley- called Dark Matter, where they produce unusual long-aged wines made from their immediate family’s vineyards. In addition, […]

Cru Beaujolais is the Next Wine to Watch

Beaujolais sign

I’ve tasted the future of Cru Beaujolais and it is good. The wines of this oft-maligned region are changing fast. A renewed emphasis on quality is propelling these 100-percent Gamay wines onto the radar screens of collectors and drinkers alike. And the crus—the villages in the north of the region—are leading the way. A Beaujolais […]

Wine Lesson: Identifying Corked Wine

wine corks in glass with words

One of the questions we get a lot is how to tell if a wine is corked. Corked wine is something we’ve all heard of, but you may not know if you’ve ever actually encountered it. We’re going to break down what it means when a wine is ‘corked’ and what you should do when […]

WaterMark Wines: Napa’s Best Kept Secret from the Winemaker of Diamond Creek Vineyards

watermark label and valley and mountains

WaterMark Wine is a small longtime under-the-radar boutique winery run by Phil Steinschriber. Phil is also winemaker for the much coveted Cabernet Sauvignons of Diamond Creek Vineyards and because of his long history (35+ years) working in the wine industry in the Napa Valley has access to the best fruit sources, which he uses to […]

Grower and Winemaker: Ulises Valdez

Ulises Valdez American Dream

Ulises Valdez is one of California’s most prestigious grape growers, though you wouldn’t know it by just speaking with him. Despite the enormity of his accomplishments, Valdez  carries himself with great humility. An emotional speaker who gesticulates emphatically, Valdez alternates between cracking jokes (often self-effacing) and tearing up during one of the many poignant moments […]

The Most Interesting White Wine on the Planet

Guide to Semillon

The word ‘Cabernet’ slips so easily off most people’s lips we forget that in the 1950’s, most Americans didn’t even know what Cabernet Sauvignon was. In the mid-century, Americans felt that Cabernet Sauvignon was too difficult to pronounce. So now that Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay have become the norm it’s time to get familiarized with some new wine grapes. Get your glasses ready. […]

8 Wine Buying Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

how to buy wine with wine bottles on shelf

There are many moments in life that make our hearts sink. One of the worst opening a bottle of wine only to find the contents inside to be disappointing. One of the problems with wine is that it is sometimes inherently mysterious: until you’ve popped the cork, the contents of the bottle can be either […]

A New Home for Silver Oak in the Alexander Valley

Alexander Valley

When I think of Alexander Valley I think of beautiful scenery, and quaint towns. A place with fascinating history, and some of the worlds most delicious wine, it is also now the new home to one of California’s most iconic cabernets and new state of the art winery, Silver Oak. A Brief Overview of Alexander […]

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