From the young vines of Harlan, Promontory and BOND comes The Mascot

Harlan Estate The Mascot
Harlan, BOND, Promontory….Most need no introduction to the cult wines coming from the Harlan Family, though many will never have the opportunity to taste them.  Most also don’t need to be reminded that these aren’t the kind of wines that we are able to pull the cork from the bottle on a regular basis to enjoy.  Fortunately, The Mascot, is a wine that is cut from the same cloth, but more accessible, both in style and in price. 
Will Harlan, Bill Harlan’s son, wanted to introduce the Harlan experience to a wider audience, and with the wine bug buzzing in his brain, he came up with a plan.  He spent years alongside the Harlan winemaking team (winemaker emeritus Bob Levy and winemaker Cory Empting) as they crafted the Harlan, BOND and Promontory wines through countless, meticulous blending sessions. And from that same unbelievable source material, Will Harlan has blended together another spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon of remarkable character, structure, charm, and with superb aging potential for The Mascot.  

2013 The Mascot Cabernet Sauvignon Click HERE for Pricing

‘The Mascot’ was first made in 2008 as a wine for Will Harlan’s friends and family, but today it’s a way to showcase the excellence of the young-vine fruit that will one day go into Harlan Estate, Bond, and Promontory. We’re lucky enough to secure a small allocation of this outstanding, fruit-forward Cabernet with notes of graphite, red cherries, blackcurrants, and garrigue. Still a youngster, and a collectible of its own stature, this will drink beautifully from 2020 and beyond. While most of us would cringe at the six figure price tag on Harlan’s flagship wine, The Mascot gives us a chance to experience the world class fruit (that will one day make it in to these wines) and the legacy of great winemaking at a fraction of the price.


The Mascot Cabernet Sauvignon label

The roots of all the Harlan Estate labels tie back to banking and the Mascot continues this Tradition. The engraving of “Prince” was commissioned over one-hundred years ago, by the president of the Farmers Deposit National Bank of Pittsburgh, for the bank’s stock certificates. The dog, an english bull-terrier, lived at the bank (greeting customers and employees alike), and became a beloved symbol of their down-to-earth, loyal, and personal customer service values.


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