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Parador Cellars: Spanish Style Wine in the Napa Valley

wine opener and cork with tin top

Steve Ventrello founded Parador Cellars based on his ‘fantasy’ that three seemingly compatible grape varieties would marry and wined up creating an exceptional wine.  He intuited that blending the very best of his favorite varietals – Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, along with the premier grapes of Spain and Italy, Tempranillo and Sangiovese – would yield a singular wine of […]

Wine of the Week: Zeitgeist Trousseau Gris


This rather obscure white wine is making a comeback in California, vines like trousseau gris are catching the attention of a new generation of winemakers.   What is Trousseau Gris? A French variety of white wine grape. It is occasionally found in eastern France and was once widely grown in California under the name Gray Riesling. A native of the Jura […]

Wine of the Week: Picayune Albarino

picayune wine lable

Picayune is on a mission to unlock secret California wines. Their brand new wine, an Albariño from Russian River took us all by surprise this week. With wines featured in the Wall Street Journal, Decanter magazine, and on the wine list at Thomas Keller’s world renowned restaurant The French Laundry, Picayune is no doubt, a […]

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