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Wine Spectrum 20th Anniversary, 1990-2010
“I’ve been buying from the Wine Spectrum for over 10 years. I’ve never been disappointed. They’re professional and very good at what they do. And they know their wine!”

A Wine Lover’s Best Resource

  • We know the industry. With 26 years of experience, our longevity in the industry affords us the best contacts and connections with local and overseas producers. We have our finger on the pulse of the wine trade and will get you the scarce and remarkable allocations and new releases, from up and coming wineries to the classic producers.
  • We can find it. We know where the great vintages are located. If you have a favorite wine that you can’t locate, we’ll find it for you anywhere on the planet.
  • We know what wine you love to drink. Professional Wine Advisors cultivate a personal understanding of wine preferences for each client. They are always on the lookout for wines you resonate with and will keep you updated on new offerings. We do the groundwork and you drink the wine!
  • We’ll get it there quickly. Your orders will go out quickly and safely, within the promised timeframe.

Passionate Pursuit of a Great Bottle of Wine

Glenn Siegel, Wine Spectrum Founder & President

Glenn Siegel launched Wine Spectrum in 1990 with the goal of making remarkable wines available to wine enthusiasts everywhere. In his international travels, he discovered that truly great wine is often difficult to find, so he began developing relationships with respected winemakers along the way.
His unique person-to-person direct sales philosophy has helped him develop rewarding, long-lasting relationships with wine lovers everywhere. His devotion to the wine business has also earned him respect among winemakers, giving him access to highly allocated wines.
As a wine expert, he is often sought out for his opinion and has been quoted in “The Wine Spectator,” several newspapers and business magazines, and even made a special appearance on the “Today Show.”
Even in this high-tech, fast paced world, Glenn believes that busy people still prefer a personal touch. By maintaining a well-trained and experienced staff of wine advisors, we give new and returning customers alike good old fashioned personalized care along with some great wine!

Management Team

Wine Spectrum is managed by a team of professionals dedicated to steering the organization in to its next twenty five years of success.

Glenn Siegel, President


Jennifer Adams, General Manager


Kathy Tamblin, Recruiter & Sales Trainer


Jennifer Finnigan, Digital Marketing Manager


Giovanni Cerrone, Wine Buyer


Brian Freidenreich, Accounting Manager


Gary Buckner, Warehouse Manager


Andrea Halkovich, Office Manager


Professional Wine Advisors

Our advisors represent decades of wine industry experience.

Cleo D’Angelo, Senior Wine Advisorcdangelo@winespectrum.com
Stacey Evans, Senior Wine Advisorsevans@winespectrum.com

Erik Young, Senior Wine Advisoreyoung@winespectrum.com
Shannon Anderson, Senior Wine Advisorsanderson@winespectrum.com
Allison Ahrens, Senior Wine Advisoraahrens@winespectrum.com
Scott Barbieri, Senior Wine Advisorsbarbieri@winespectrum.com
Michael Hill, Senior Wine Advisormhill@winespectrum.com
Brian Dunlap, Senior Wine Advisorbdunlap@winespectrum.com
Marilyn Swan, Senior Wine Advisormswan@winespectrum.com
Bret Barrett, Senior Wine Advisorbbarrett@winespectrum.com
Sara Brown, Senior Wine Advisorsbrown@winespectrum.com
Drew Raymond, Wine Advisordraymond@winespectrum.com

Molly Pearson, Wine Advisormpearson@winespectrum.com