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A moment of reflection under the shaded terrace at St. Helena Winery is all it takes for you to know why we feel so privileged to be a part of this exceptional Napa Valley vineyard. The manicured vineyards surround the oasis, shelter it from the crowds, and give voice to this historic estate. A step forward here is a step back in time, and pace. of the first settlers in the valley chose this location for its pastoral beauty and the richness of its soils, perfect for raising crops and families. The ambition of Saint Helena Winery is to:

…balance the bounty of our vineyards with the unyielding focus of our winemaking team into a harmonious expression of our terroir in every bottle.

Winemaker Aaron Pott

Câteau Troplong Mondot…Château La Tour Figeac…Beringer…St. Clement…Quintessa …Bello Family Vineyards…Blackbird…Fisher Vineyards…Jericho Canyon…Perliss…Pott Wines…V22…Quixote…Seven Stones…St. Helena Estate. 

Aaron is one of the most sought after winemakers in the world and has strung together one success after another. After getting his degree in Enology at Davis, Aaron went across the pond and found success at some of the most prestigious Chateau’s in Bordeaux. Ready to come home in 1998, Aaron phased himself back to California with a stint as Beringer’s “flying winemaker” making wine in France, Italy and Chile. 

Finally ready to come home, Aaron became the winemaker at St. Clement in 2001. In 2004, Aaron moved to Quintessa where he was winemaker and general manager through 2007. Currently he is consulting for Bello Family Vineyards, Blackbird, Fisher Vineyards, Jericho Canyon, Perliss, V22, Quixote, Seven Stones and St. Helena Estate. He has chosen clients who, like him, think wine is sexy and aren’t afraid to make something that will be misunderstood by the masses.

I make wine because I need the intellectual challenge and the satisfaction of crafting something beautiful for those that will appreciate it. I look forward to those foggy, pre-harvest mornings when you taste the grapes and begin to imagine what they will do in the glass.

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Nathan Pratt saw the magic on this plot when settlers first reached St. Helena in the mid 19th century. Luther Burbank saw the potential in this estate and helped Mr. Pratt plant a variety of apple, prune and walnut trees which became cash crops during prohibition. Today, Saint Helena Winery is one of Napa Valley’s premium winery estates quietly nestled in the St. Helena viticultural area. Napa Valley is renowned for incredible Cabernet Sauvignons, and the estate honors that tradition with 12 acres planted to this grape variety.

The estate contains three variations of Bale Loam soil derived from alluvial fans from the surrounding mountain ranges and the Napa River that borders the estate.

There are three different clones of Cabernet Sauvignon planted here: See, 337 and 191. The diversity of soil and clones provides the winemaking team of Aaron Pott and Elizabeth Tangney with a variety of fruit to create two estate Cabernets with distinct aromas, flavors, and textures that capture our terroir. See clone cuttings from Napa Valley’s famed Backus Vineyard (Joseph Phelps Winery) are planted in the gravel beds left by the Napa River centuries ago, and yield small, intense berries with strong tannin structure. Clones 337 and 191 are planted nearby to create opulence in the mid-palate of our wines. The See clone is also rooted in the clay-rich soils of our north parcel, yielding fruit with bright acidity and elegant structure. The vineyard team has been perfecting the art of precision farming for decades and is intimately familiar with every vine on the Saint Helena Winery estate. Sustainable farming practices preserve the health of our land and its inhabitants, and our local environment including bordering waterways.


As harvest approaches, the team walks the rows daily to determine which clusters are ready to pick. The selected fruit is hand picked, sorted and gently de-stemmed. Several eyes and hands sort the destemmed berries so that only perfect fruit enters the cellar. The grapes enter a lengthy cold soak to extract rich color, flavors and aromas. After fermentation, the wine is transferred to new French oak barrels made by some of the finest coopers, including Bossuet and Darnajou. Two years later the complex process of blending begins to define each estate Cabernet Sauvignon. Balancing aromas, flavors and textures in elegant composition is the art of winemaking as expressed by Aaron and Elizabeth. The result is a celebration of the efforts in the vineyard preserved and enhanced with patience and precision.

Saint Helena Winery Wines

These wines are meticulously crafted with knowledge and respect. Whether you are dipping into your collection of Sympa Reserve or the Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, you are experiencing a wine few will ever know. You have the opportunity to invest today in a wine from one of the hidden gems of Napa Valley that will delight you and your guests for years to come. ENJOY.


2012 Saint Helena Winery ‘Estate’ Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of plum, fig, bramble, cola , nutmeg and a note of au jus preempt flavors of black currant , cherry, roasted coffee, toffee and hints of black licorice and orange zest. Textured tannins accentuate flavors that persist on a long finish with notes of cedar and Kola nut. Enjoy this wine now through 2022.


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