Your Guide to Wine and Steak Pairing

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From a thick Filet Mignon to a juicy, well-marbled Porterhouse or New York Strip Steak, what could be better than a good wine and steak paring? Whether you are firing up the backyard grill or dining at the local steakhouse here are a few surefire wine pairings to compliment your favorite cuts. It’s time to break out the big reds! 


Cabernet and New York Strip

The Classic Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

Pair with: New York, Rib Eye, T-Bone

This is the tried and true steak and wine pairing. The tannins in Cabernet Sauvignon and its relatively high alcohol levels help cut through the fat, making the wine taste smoother and less bitter… and the steak more flavorful. For steaks served with a buttery sauce try a California Cab which tend to have a bit more acid and tannin. While the savory flavors in an Old World Bordeaux pair great with meat served with an herb-laden rub or sauce. 

Our Pick: 2013 Noemi Cabernet Sauvignon

Aromas of perfume, violets, lavender, and macerated black cherries emanate from the glass. The palate boasts a silky smooth texture and mouthfeel with flavors of rich red berry fruits, hints of toffee and a touch of brambly chalk and underbrush. The tannin structure and balance are seamless and promise plenty of age-worthiness.

South of the Border Alternative: Malbec

Steak is to Argentinians what burgers are to Americans. In Argentina, you’ll almost always find bottles of local Malbec on the table, and it’s a great alternative to Cabernet. The rich, round, earthy reds pair great with most cuts of beef and also compliments a variety of sauces.

Our Pick: 2012 El Enigmo Malbec

A svelte style, with rich, well-rounded flavors of dark currant, cherry and pomegranate, accented by some kirsch notes. Rich and loamy midpalate, offering a broad, well-spiced finish that features touches of elegance and silky tannins.

Porterhouse and Syrah

For the Well-Marbled Cuts: Syrah

Pair With: Prime Rib and Porter House

You’d be hard pressed to find a wine that measures higher on the intensity meter than Syrah. This makes it the perfect mate for the fattiest cuts of beef. A dense meaty syrah compliments the pronounced beef flavor and pronounced marbling in these cuts. While the meat will GSM (grenache/syrah moudeve) blends also do nicely.

Our Pick: 2013 Gramercy Cellars Syrah

Possessing lots of gamy, olive, peppery, lavender and salted meats, with a core of ripe plum and darker fruits, this beauty is full-bodied, supple, polished and utterly seamless, with no hard edges and a clean, focused finish that keeps you coming back to the glass. 


A Refined Choice: Burgundy

Pair With: Fillet Mignon

The leanest and most tender cut of meat will get overwhelmed by ‘traditional’ red meat pairings.  Filet Mignon’s understated taste and lucious texture needs a wine that is just as restrained. A moderately aged Burgundy fits the bill perfectly. 

Steak and Wine

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