Splash Services
Wine Spectrum 20th Anniversary, 1990-2010

“I’m too busy to keep up with the latest wines. Wine Spectrum does
that for me. They obviously keep very high standards consistently
and I appreciate that because I don’t like to be disappointed.”

Making Life a Bit Easier for You

Wine Spectrum’s specialized services were created to make your
life easier. We’ll do the work so you can kick back after a long day
and enjoy some great wine!

Travel the World of Wine

Situated in the renowned Sonoma County wine country, Wine Spectrum
offers rare and collectible wines from all over the world to
dedicated wine enthusiasts throughout the United States. Since 1990,
we’ve traveled the world to provide discriminating collectors a
diversity of notable, difficult-to-find wines—bringing an
amazing selection of wines from afar to your personal wine cellars
at home.

Great Wine in Our Backyard

We’ve discovered some great wines near home too. Being a good
neighbor in the celebrated Sonoma/Napa wine country helps us access
the best domestic wines. Our relationships with a host of
distinguished local winemakers means we can offer you a selection of
exclusive, limited production wines that are unlikely to reach
mainstream wine-store shelves.

Requesting Hard-to-Find Wine

Treasure Hunters

Our 10,000+ square-foot warehouse boasts a treasure trove of
extraordinary international wines. But if we don’t have the wine
you’re looking for, our wine experts will find it. Each year we
taste scores of lesser-known, small production (fewer than 300
cases) boutique wines, many of which are small side projects by
renowned winemakers—allowing us to offer an eclectic wine
selection to which our customers may never otherwise have access.

Private Cellar Acquisitions – Rare Selections

Wine Spectrum often purchases well-stored, private wine collections
to augment our rare and collectible wine selection. Contact us if
you are interested in selling a private fine wine collection by
providing a detailed list of your wines with storage provenance to
info@winespectrum.com. We
will respond promptly with an offer of intention.

Cellar Management

Managing Your Wine Inventory – In the Know

So that you’ll always know what you have in your off-site wine
cellar, your Spectrum Advisor will manage your inventory, keep track
of your collection and send you inventory reports on request.


All Alcoholic Beverages Are Sold in California and Title
Passes to the Buyer in California.
We make no
representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import wines
into any state outside of California. The buyer is solely
responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverage products. By placing
an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common
carrier to deliver your order to you. Alcoholic Beverages
May Be Sold and Delivered Only To Persons Who Are At Least 21 Years
Old. In Placing Your Order, You Represent To Us That You Are At
Least 21 Years Old and That The Person To Whom You Are Directing
Delivery Is At Least 21 Years Old.
When your alcoholic
beverages are delivered, the person receiving delivery will be
required to show identification proving that he or she is at least
21 years old. Due to the perishable nature of wine, all sales are
considered final.


Wine Spectrum wants you to enjoy your purchase. If, for any
reason, your wine does not meet your expectations we are happy to
accept the re-saleable product back for credit to your account, less
the original shipping and handling charges and any return shipping
and handling charges.