For more than 30 years, Wine Spectrum, Inc. (“WSI”) has provided its active clients with complimentary wine storage of purchased wines at its secure, temperature-controlled facility in Santa Rosa at 981 Airway Court, Unit B-1.  Commencing June 1, 2023, WSI will transition to a pay-for-service wine storage system the specific terms and conditions of which appear below.  Under this new system, which will implement a nominal per bottle monthly charge, WSI will continue to offer its clients the same safe, secure storage of their wines they have long enjoyed, and a limited free storage period to provide them with some flexibility during times of unfavorable weather by deferring taking immediately possession of their wines and shipping them later.

NEW STORAGE POLICY TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Starting on June 1, 2023, wine storage will be offered to WSI’s clients for all wines currently in storage and for all wines purchased on or after that date on the following terms and conditions:

  • $.20 (20 cents) per bottle per month
  • All storage charges, which shall be billed on a quarterly (e., every 3 months) on June 1, September 1, December 1, and March 1, shall be paid in full in advance of the next quarter
  • 5% discount provided for fully pre-paid annual (1 year) storage
  • 2 months free storage provided on all wines purchased on or after June 1, 2023. For all wines purchased on a “pre-sale” basis, the 2-month free storage period shall commence the date the wine arrives at WSI
  • All payments of reoccurring quarterly storage charges after June 1, 2023, shall be made by credit/debit card on file with WSI. For those clients requesting wine storage for the first time, card information will be taken at the time of purchase. For those clients with wines already in storage, if card information is currently on file for them, WSI will charge that card.  Clients with wine currently in storage but without card information on file must provide that information to WSI prior to June 1, 2023.
  • Pre-paid storage fees or free storage periods will not be pro-rated nor refunded (or transferred and applied to other stored wines held by client) if client ships or otherwise takes possession of stored wines prior to the end of the pre-paid/free storage period.

Adding and Removing Wines from Storage

To place wine in storage, a request for storage from your WSI wine advisor should be made at the time of purchase.  Removing wines for shipment or pick-up can be arranged by contacting your wine advisor or WSI at or 707.525.8466.  WSI’s storage facility, located at 981 Airway Court, Unit B-1, Santa Rosa, is open Monday through Friday from 6:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Please allow up to 3 business days for WSI to prepare your wines for shipment or pick-up.  For removal of larger amounts of wine (100+ bottles), additional time may be required to prepare it for shipment.  Clients shall be responsible for paying all shipping charges in advance.

*All wines purchases placed in storage with WSI are considered final sales and cannot be cancelled, returned or exchanged under any circumstances.


Clients’ stored wines are not insured against damage or loss of any kind resulting from, without limitation, loss or damage to wine handled by WSIany electrical outage, temperature control equipment malfunction, theft, fire, earthquake, flooding, water intrusion, or any other force majeure or cause.   Note that, although WSI carries standard commercial property insurance on its storage facility for its replacement value, said insurance does not extend to or cover damage or loss of clients’ wines stored inside of it.  For these reasons, WSI recommends its clients purchase wine collection insurance from an established insurance carrier.  


By continuing to keep wine in storage after June 1, 2023, or by requesting that wines purchased on or after that date be placed in storage, client assumes all risks of damage to or loss of his/her/its wines from any of the perils for which it is recommended in the preceding section insurance should be purchased.  In addition to those previously mentioned perils, client assumes the risk that, while in storage, his/her/its wine may diminish in quality due to its natural maturation beyond its prime.  Except for damage to or loss to wine resulting from WSI’s deliberate, knowing, malicious and intentional misconduct, client agrees to defend and hold WSI, and each and all of its officer, directors, shareholders, employees and agents, completely free and harmless from all damages, liabilities, claims, fees and all others costs and expenses, without regard to its characterization, that arise from or relate to WSI’s handling and storage of client’s wine pursuant to this Wine Storage Policy.  In no event shall WSI be liable to client for damage or loss of or damage to any wines from any cause(s) in an amount that exceeds client’s original purchase price paid therefor. 

California Uniform Commercial Code | Warehouseman’s Lien

In accordance with California’s Uniform Commercial Code §§ 7209 and 7210, all wines remaining in storage or placed in storage commencing on June 1, 2023, shall be subject to a lien for all unpaid storage fees, attorney’s fees and all costs relating to the statutorily required procedures for the wine’s disposition.  All wines in storage on accounts in arrears for ninety (90) days or more shall, in WSI’s sole and exclusive discretion, be subject to public sale in accordance with applicable laws.

* By leaving wine currently in storage after June 1, 2023, or by requesting to have wine purchases made on or after that date, client agrees to the terms and conditions set forth in this Wine Storage Policy and agrees to reoccurring credit/debit card charges for payment of all related storage and shipping costs when due.  WSI reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its Wine Storage Policy and storage pricing upon 30 days electronic notice to its clients.