A Family Made, Sustainable Hidden Gem

2021 Hoopes Vineyard Napa Valley Chardonnay

The 2021 Hoopes Vineyard Napa Valley Chardonnay is an exceptional discovery at $35 a bottle. Vibrant, yet gracefully balanced, it offers a palate-pleasing experience that defies its price tag.

Winemaker Aaron Pott is the brilliant mind responsible for the 2021 Hoopes Vineyard Chardonnay. Aaron’s journey reads like a love letter to wine. Aaron’s path was always destined for vineyards. His formal education at the University of California at Davis and the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, France set him up for a career that has taken him to extraordinary heights, including making Premier Cru Bordeaux and becoming head winemaker at Beringer. What sets Aaron apart is his dedication to smaller, yet profoundly noble establishments. He could easily align himself with any major winery, but his heart lies in collaborating with like-minded, smaller producers who share his dedication.

We take particular joy in championing family-owned wineries. Hoopes Vineyard is a shining example of passion and authenticity, nurtured by second-generation proprietor Lindsay Hoopes. Their vineyards, certified organic or in the process, reflect a steadfast commitment to stewarding the land for generations to come. Their property is also home to an animal sanctuary, a testament to their compassion and dedication to the environment.

The 2021 Hoopes Vineyard Napa Valley Chardonnay encapsulates and celebrates this rich tradition and commitment to stewardship and excellence. Getting down to brass tacks, the $35/bottle price tag is also something worth celebrating.

Join us in toasting to such a great find! 

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