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Parador Cellars: Spanish Style Wine in the Napa Valley

wine opener and cork with tin top

Steve Ventrello founded Parador Cellars based on his ‘fantasy’ that three seemingly compatible grape varieties would marry and wined up creating an exceptional wine.  He intuited that blending the very best of his favorite varietals – Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, along with the premier grapes of Spain and Italy, Tempranillo and Sangiovese – would yield a singular wine of […]

The Most Popular Wines in Every State

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There’s something special about wine. Whether you’re ending the workday with a glass of Chianti while you cook or sipping crisp Chardonnay in your favorite restaurant, the mere act of opening the bottle lends a sense of celebration. To determine which types of wine are most popular by state – from Merlot to Malbec, Sauvignon […]

Four Mondavi Sisters Continuing Family Tradition with Dark Matter Wines

Mondavi sisters

Four sisters, all fourth generation of Mondavi family and grand-daughters of late Peter Mondavi Sr., among many other roles they play in the family wineries and outside, together they are also running an independent boutique winery in Napa Valley- called Dark Matter, where they produce unusual long-aged wines made from their immediate family’s vineyards. In addition, […]

A New Home for Silver Oak in the Alexander Valley

Alexander Valley

When I think of Alexander Valley I think of beautiful scenery, and quaint towns. A place with fascinating history, and some of the worlds most delicious wine, it is also now the new home to one of California’s most iconic cabernets and new state of the art winery, Silver Oak. A Brief Overview of Alexander […]

Powerful Mountain Cab from larger-than-life winemaker Ed Sbragia


Ed Sbragia is perhaps most well known as the Master Winemaker at Beringer for nearly 30 years. Ed made the High-Mountain-Cabernet program famous there after having the best selling wine in world for over 10-years. And Robert Parker has given him more 90+ scores than any living winemaker! On top of all this he is only winemaker […]

2017 Winemaker of the Year Cameron Woodbridge

2017 winemaker of the year

With 3 wines featured in our Top 100 Wines of 2017, Cameron Woodbridge was a clear choice for our 2017 Winemaker of the Year. Wine isn’t simply a beverage. Wine is a passion, a way of life, of living. The appreciation of wine is something that Cameron Woodbridge was raised with. Growing up around the wine country […]

Winemaker to Know: Cameron Woodbridge

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Wine isn’t simply a beverage. Wine is a passion, a way of life, of living. The appreciation of wine is something that Cameron Woodbridge was raised with. Growing up around the wine country of southern Ontario in Canada started this journey but it wasn’t until he was much older that the real journey began. Years […]

Calafia Cellars Delivers Legendary California Wine

calafia wine label

Calafia Cellars Randle Johnson has been working in Napa Valley for 35 years, and is currently a winemaker at Hess Collection. Calafia Cellars is the personal brand of Randle and his wife MaryLee. Made from their own estate grapes blended with small quantities of grapes from other vineyards, Randle uses his extensive experience and knowledge […]

Featured Wine: Noemi Cabernet

featured wine

September is California wine month and nothing screams California quite like a Napa Valley Cabernet. This week’s featured wine is one we just keep coming back to and it continues to be our number one most re-ordered wine of all time! Vintage after vintage the Noemi Cabernet Sauvignon (made from the fruit sourced from the same vineyards […]

Featured Wine: Purlieu Cabernet Sauvignon

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We are no stranger to this week’s featured wine Purlieu Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, previous vintages have landed the top spots of our annual 100 list and winemaker Julien Fayard was our 2016 winemaker of the year. The name Purlieu means “the edge of the forest” or “an outlying area” and is a reference to their home base in […]