Signorello Estate Makes a Cabernet for Everyone

signorello label

What brought the Signorellos to the Napa Valley was the romantic side of winemaking – growing grapes, working the land, and enjoying the wine country lifestyle of camaraderie, good wine and great meals. While the Valley lifestyle is a very real part of the business, there is a serious commitment required to create a premier vineyard and produce world class wines. Both father and son embraced this vision early in the endeavor. This venture started as a dream; now it is reality at Signorello Estate. Ray, Jr. has started the third generation of the Signorello family and looks forward to continuing to push the benchmark that defines quality Napa Valley Cabernet.

Padrone is created in honor of Ray Signorello Sr., a visionary whose life was as full of character as the wines.

Signorello Estate is a one-of-a-kind reflection of a wholly unique Napa Valley hillside vineyard and terroir. Planted and cultivated by the Signorello Family since 1977, these grapes are the foundation of their richly structured, intensely flavored Estate wines.

The FUSE team works with some of our favorite Napa Valley growers, whose cool climate hillside and warmer valley floor vineyards are planted in an array of clones, spacing and exposures.

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