The Most Collectible Wines in the World

Collectible wines

First growth Bordeaux, the Grand Crus of Burgundy, Napa Cult Cabs, Italian Super Tuscans… these are considered some of the most rare and elite wines and are sought after by collector’s the world over. What makes a ‘great wine cellar’ is truly relative depending on the goals of the collector. Like most things in life, though, collecting works best with a solid plan. What follows is one person’s opinion of an appropriate wine collecting strategy. I say one person’s opinion, because like most things involving wine, for every person indulging in the pleasure, there is a different opinion from each one. For those fortunate enough to have the means to invest in a prestigious cellar we’ve highlighted some of the world’s most collectible wines and the vintages to be on the look out for. 

Chateau Lafite Rothschild is known for producing what some tasters think is the best Bordeaux wine in the appellation. It’s also thought of as one of the most famous, as well as most expensive wines in the world.

The Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, or DRC for short, is the most famous winery in Burgundy, and one of the most famous in the world. Producing the finest example of Pinot Noir in the world. Bottles of their Romanée-Conti wine typically sell for tens of thousands of dollars, and the wines are so famous they’ve been the focus of fraud, theft, and kidnapping.

Of all the Cabernet Sauvignons with cult followings that are made in California’s Napa Valley, it often appears none is more famous than Screaming Eagle. The wine consistently receives rave reviews from critics, and it is often the most sought-after wine made in America.

Chateau Latour is like no other Bordeaux wine. In a unique class of its own, Chateau Latour has been the most consistent of the First Growth chateaux from the Medoc for over 100 years! Petrus is the most counterfeited wine in the world. he style of Petrus is unique. It can be the most aromatically complex wine of Pomerol, filled with spice, coffee, cinnamon, chocolate, plums, dark cherries, truffles, wet earth and fresh flowers.

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