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2016 Rhones: The Vintage of the Generation

Rhone Valley

AN EXCEPTIONAL VINTAGE: OPULENT FRUIT, MELTING TANNINS, AND ENERGETIC FRESHNESS 2016 is a roaring success in the Rhône. It follows the excellent 2015 whose release saw an upsurge in interest in this classic French region of diverse expression. Where 2015 produced Northern Rhône Syrahs of remarkable depth and complexity, 2016 has produced what many growers […]

Battle of the Bubbly: Champagne vs. Prosecco

prosecco and champagne bottles

Sometimes you can’t help but want to enjoy a glass of fine wine or bubbly with dinner in the evening, but with so many choices stocking the shelves, it can be hard to decide which one you would like the most when it comes to taste and aroma. Whether you have never had a glass […]

All About the White Wine Region of Alsace


Alsace (say it with us: ah-ZAHS) is a predominantly white wine region in the Rhine River Valley in northeastern France, with Germany and Switzerland for neighbors. Throughout this 10-mile-wide, 80-mile-long strip you’ll find aromatic whites at the ready, including the fab five: your dry Riesling, spicy Gewurztraminer, the always easy-to-drink Pinot Blanc, earthy Pinot Gris, and elegant, sparkling Crémant d’Alsace. […]

Cru Beaujolais is the Next Wine to Watch

Beaujolais sign

I’ve tasted the future of Cru Beaujolais and it is good. The wines of this oft-maligned region are changing fast. A renewed emphasis on quality is propelling these 100-percent Gamay wines onto the radar screens of collectors and drinkers alike. And the crus—the villages in the north of the region—are leading the way. A Beaujolais […]

2016 Burgundy is the Vintage No One Saw Coming

2016 burgundy and grapes

The good news 2016 is a stunning vintage, the bad news there are only miniscule amounts to be had The 2016 Vintage in Burgundy April 27th will be remembered as the day that shaped this vintage as a terrible frost swept through Burgundy’s Côte d’Or.  The result is that 2016 is one of the smallest harvests the […]

Featured Wine: La Pitchoune Chenin Blanc

La Pitchoune Chenin

This week we tasted an incredible Chenin Blanc from one of our favorite producers, La Pitchoune. This lesser known white wine varietal deserves to a lot more attention then it currently gets and is why we picked it for the featured wine of the week. Its high acidity means it can be used to make everything from sparkling wines to well-balanced dessert […]

Featured Wine: Louis Barthelemy Zero Dosage Topaze Champagne

featured wine with bottle

What Better Way to Celebrate World Champagne Day? This week we tasted the Louis Barthelemy Zero Dosage Topaze Champagne.  Zero Dosage is a term used to denote the very driest style of Champagne, with less than three grams of residual sugar per liter of wine. They are often referred to as being non-dosé or ‘Brut Zero’. Sweetness is a key component in defining […]

Featured Wine: Patrice Rion Bourgogne Blanc

featured wine patrice rion

Patrice Rion is one of the most innovative producers in Burgundy. He was one of the first to train his vines higher than the Burgundy standard, to increase the canopy without shading the grapes, giving better ripening and colour. He is also frequently an innovator in the cellar and offers some wines (Bourgogne Bon Batons, white wines, half […]

A Guide to Understanding Burgundy


Burgundy is the name of a wine region in France; however, most of us are familiar with the name not because of high school geography, but because it’s what we call the famous red and white wine the region produces. These wines are considered to be the best money can buy, which is why they’re some of […]

Your Guide to French Wine and Cheese Pairing

french wine and bread

It’s Bastille Day! So we are celebrating all things French, especially two of our favorites wine and cheese! Ask anyone who’s been on holiday to France about food and drink, and they’ll probably all tell you the same thing. While the restaurants of rural France are unparalleled for rustic fare, and the bistros of Paris […]

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