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Varietal Spotlight: Zinfandel

“(California) The largest wine-producing state in the country does everything well, and one wine better than anywhere in the world: Zinfandel.” – Wall Street Journal Nov 22 2013 While it may have old world roots this varietal has made its home with new world producers as the most widely planted variety in California. Regions where […]

Winery Spotlight: Biale

Aldo Answers The Call. “Hello Aldo, this is Giovanni. I’m fine, thank you. Per favore, when you come by on Friday bring me some tomatoes, a pound of walnuts two dozen eggs and a Black Chicken… Prego.” And thus went one of the hundreds of phone orders to the rural farmhouse in north Napa during the 40’s […]

Top 5: Tastings from the week of 4/20/14

Every week we have the tough “fantastic” job of tasting dozens of wines to make sure that we only offer the very BEST to our clients. We are constantly on the look out for amazing under-the-radar wines, along with celebrated projects from famous producers to augment our ever changing portfolio. Give us a call (800.933.8466) or […]

One of the best kept secrets in Napa Valley.

When most wine lovers think of a Napa Valley Cab that is aged exclusively in 100% American Oak barrels, they think of Silver Oak at over $100 per bottle. I’m here to tell you about one of the best kept secrets in Napa Valley.   Honig Silver Oak 100% Napa Valley Fruit X X 100% American […]

AVA Spotlight: Sonoma Coast

All of the vineyards along the Sonoma County coastline have been grouped under one official viticultural area, comprising more than half a million acres with roughly 7,000 acres under vine, the Sonoma Coast AVA was made official in 1987. This umbrella AVA was created largely to accommodate cold-climate, ‘estate-bottled’ producers, who own vineyards scattered throughout […]

World Class Cabernet for $69 a bottle!

PARALLEL is another in a string of remarkable Philippe Melka successes. Philippe is one of the most sought after winemaking consultants in the world (Named by Robert Parker as one of the Top 9 consultants in the world.) and his current and past clients include: Dana Estates, Hundred Acre, Lail, Vineyard 29, Bryant, Dalla Valle, and Quintessa…Read more about Philippe Melka. […]