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Top 10 Other Domestic Reds from 2015

We’ve done the Cabs, and we’ve done the Pinots, now here are the other top domestic reds from 2015. Unlike our Top 100 which was based upon our staff’s ratings during tastings, as well as popularity with our clients, our top varietal countdowns are based purely upon score (In the event of ties, we award the […]

Red wine is more that just Cab and Pinot (Top Other Reds from 2014)

We’ve done the Cabs, and we’ve done the Pinots. Here are the other top domestic reds from 2014. It’s not just Domestic Reds that we are counting down, take a look at the bottom of this post for full countdown schedule. *If you are curious on how we tabulate our scores, please see the bottom of this […]

Aubert, Hobbs, Rosenblum, and JC Cellars all turn to Ulises Valdez.

ULISES VALDEZ With more than 20 harvests behind him, Ulises has risen to the top of his profession. Widely considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and skilled vineyard managers in wine country, Ulises has worked with some of the most important winemakers in California including Paul Hobbs, Mark Aubert, Kent Rosenblum, and Jeff […]

Winemaker Spotlight: Shauna Rosenblum

Shauna Rosenblum: Rockin’ the vine at Rock Wall Wine Company Shauna Rosenblum and her father, Kent, in the tasting room at their new Rock Wall Wine Company   If your dad is the King of Zinfandel, would that make you Princess? Shauna Rosenblum, the 27-year-old daughter of Kent Rosenblum of the world-renowned Rosenblum Cellars of […]

Zinfandel: BBQ’s Perfect Mate

For many people across the U.S. Memorial Day has become the unofficial kick off to summer. And you know what that means? Time to fly your flag, slather on some sunscreen and fire up the BBQ . Last week we shared some amazing Zinfandels with you and this week we have even more to offer […]

Varietal Spotlight: Zinfandel

“(California) The largest wine-producing state in the country does everything well, and one wine better than anywhere in the world: Zinfandel.” – Wall Street Journal Nov 22 2013 While it may have old world roots this varietal has made its home with new world producers as the most widely planted variety in California. Regions where […]

Winery Spotlight: Biale

Aldo Answers The Call. “Hello Aldo, this is Giovanni. I’m fine, thank you. Per favore, when you come by on Friday bring me some tomatoes, a pound of walnuts two dozen eggs and a Black Chicken… Prego.” And thus went one of the hundreds of phone orders to the rural farmhouse in north Napa during the 40’s […]

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