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Synonymous with Sauvignon Blanc: Ladoucette Comte Lafond Sancerre AC

2021 Ladoucette Comte Lafond Sancerre AC If you see the names Lafond and Ladoucette on a bottle, you know that what is inside is one of the world’s greatest examples of Sauvignon Blanc. Wine bottles bearing these names have been showing the best side of Sancerre for more than two centuries.  Their holdings in Sancerre […]

The Perfect Sancerre for Cheese!

2021 Domaine Curot Sancerre A few days ago, something unprecedented happened to the Wine Spectrum team. It started out like any normal day. We were tasting the 2021 Domaine Curot Sancerre, one of our newest additions to the portfolio. Around the room, the expectations were that we’d all jot down a few notes, share a […]

Top 5 Best Food & Wine Movies—Paired With Wine

Wine and film share a profound link: the ability of a single sip or scene to transport your senses away to a wholly different time and place. Below are our staff picks for best movies that celebrate food & wine. Elevate your movie watching with our suggested wine pairings. TOP 5 FOOD & WINE MOVIES […]

Holiday Food and Wine Pairings

People eating and pouring wine.

Holiday Food & Wine Pairing Primer Tis’ the season to gather, give thanks and enjoy good food and wine. The key to any special gathering is being a great host and thoughtfully selecting the food and wine for your event. Food and wine are the catalysts to bringing people together. Whether you’re planning a classic […]