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The Do’s and Don’ts of How to Store Wine

wine storage

We hate to be the bearers of potentially bad news, but only a very small percentage of wines benefit from long-term aging. That’s not to say that laying down a wine for a few years can’t be beneficial, but the majority of wines are best enjoyed within a few years of their release. The wines […]

Petaluma Gap: Soon to be California’s Newest AVA

wind to wine petaluma ava

“People have been drinking Petaluma Gap wines for years, they just don’t know it,” says winemaker David Ramey. He makes one of California’s most stunning Syrahs from Rodgers Creek Vineyard, which lies within the boundaries of the Gap but is currently labeled as a Sonoma Coast wine. The Petaluma Gap is the gateway to the Sonoma Coast region. […]

A few highlights from last weeks tastings.

2008 Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Knights Valley wine bottles

We discovered a new gem (Linked), tasted a new vintage of a price to quality monster (Wine Spectrum Pinot), and had some fun with some old favorites (Branham and Saddleback). 2008 Linked Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon, Knights Valley Wine Spectrum 97 The 2008 Linked Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon takes the Linked style of powerfully elegant Cabernet to the next […]

Your 4th of July Wine and Food Guide

wine and food

What could be more patriotic than drinking wine at the backyard barbecue this July 4? After all, our love for wine can be traced back to the author of the Declaration of Independence itself, Thomas Jefferson, who considered it his patriotic duty to promote wine to the newbie nation. Wine is becoming increasingly more popular as […]

Wine in American History: Our Founding Fathers

founding fathers

The founding fathers were ardent believers not only in Democracy, liberty and independence, but also in the notion that wine is pretty amazing. On top of being statesmen and revolutionaries, men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and George Washington also knew how to drink — and drink they did. In the 13 years between our declaration […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cabernet Sauvignon

cabernet sauv

Sought after by both serious collectors and wine novices alike, it’s no secret that Cabernet has won the popularity contest hands down in the wine world. Grown in nearly every wine-producing region Cabernet is perhaps the most widely recognized varietal. It commands some of the highest prices per bottle, think First Growth Bordeaux or Napa […]

Meet Winemaking Prodigy Kale Anderson

kale wine

  Kale Anderson is only in his 30’s, but he has already been making wine for a decade. Kale Anderson grew up in Sonoma County, where he was exposed to the wine industry by a community that encouraged creativity, love for the outdoors, and stewardship of the land. The Sonoma native attended UC Davis, with the […]

Winery On the Rise: Peay Vineyards


Ever taken a sip of a wine and stopped dead in your tracks? Felt it engage your belly and then seep up into your brain? That is the experience Peay Vineyards seeks to create for their consumers. You can almost taste the vineyard, the history and the personalities of the people behind those wines. That is […]

What Are Tannins? And Why Do they Matter in Wine?

tannins and wine grapes

Tannins. It’s one of those ‘wine words’ commonly heard in tasting rooms and among wine circles, but many of us are unsure of what is actually means. Tannins are an important characteristic in wine making. They give wines complexity, structure and natural antioxidants to protect the wine, allowing it to age.   So What Exactly […]

Your Guide to Wine and Steak Pairing

steak in a pan with fork

From a thick Filet Mignon to a juicy, well-marbled Porterhouse or New York Strip Steak, what could be better than a good wine and steak paring? Whether you are firing up the backyard grill or dining at the local steakhouse here are a few surefire wine pairings to compliment your favorite cuts. It’s time to […]

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