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Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Zesty”

So we’ve arrived at the end of our wine vocabulary journey, the end of the alphabet that is, don’t worry though there are still plenty of wine words out there for you to discover! Zesty is a word used to describe wine with lively flavor characteristics, with noticeable acidity and citrus notes. We find this […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Yeasty”

Fresh baked bread, brioche, warm sourdough rolls, and baguettes…What do these baked goods and your favorite bottle of bubbly have in common? The answer: Yeast! These micro organisms are responsible for making our bread rise and wine sparkle. Sparkling wines have extended contact with yeast during the fermentation process which is what gives us the yeasty or […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Spicy”

Anise, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and other well known spices are often lumped together and called spicy. Pungent aromas and flavors reminiscent of various spices are often present in complex wines. Certain grape varities that tend to favor this spicy quality include Gewurztraminer, Malbec, Grenache, Shiraz, and even some Zinfandels. Looking to spice up your summer? […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Rich”

Whether it brings to mind expensive jewelry, fast cars or maybe just swimming in pools of cold hard cash, we can all agree that being rich is highly sough after. While we may not be able to provide you with the winning lottery numbers, maybe we can help you find some wealth in your wine […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Quince”

Find apples and pears and little too pedestrian? Perhaps quince is the fruit you’ve been searching for! This ancient fruit is thought to be the predecessor of the modern day apple. In ancient Greece, the quince was a ritual offering at weddings. A small deciduous tree bearing a pome fruit, similar in appearance to a […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Powerful”

Today’s word is used to describe robust wines of great substance. Powerful wines can be a bit overwhelming to the palates of those who prefer their wines on the mellow side. Despite their potent nature, these wines never lack a sense of balance,  which is why this is viewed as a positive tasting descriptor. “Powerful” […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Nose”

The nose refers to the wine’s aroma, smell or bouquet sensed through the taster’s olfactory senses. The wide array of fruit, earthy, floral, herbal, mineral and woodsy flavor perceived in wine are derived from aroma notes interpreted by the olfactory bulb. Smell or a wine’s nose is a vital part of the tasting experience. Our […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Minerality”

This week’s word is one that has been growing in popularity, cropping up in tasting notes, reviews and used by critics, sommeliers, and wine makers alike. If you have been following our tasting notes series from the beginning you may be coming to the realization that many of the words we use to describe wine […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Leathery”

Leather as a wine descriptor can refer to either the aroma or texture/ mouthfeel  of the wine. Like most terminology used to describe wine it is subjective, but the overall consensus seems to be that this is positive characteristic. Most of us are pretty familiar with the scent of leather. In terms of aroma it […]

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