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Top Wines of the Year 2023 – Full List

Each year Wine Spectrum reveals its Top Wines of the Year honoring the ‘best-of-the-best’ wines as well as Top Wine of The Year and Top Winemaker of The Year. The Top Wines of the Year represents hours of tasting & evaluation by our wine buyers to select the best wines for your enjoyment. You won’t […]

Top 5 Best Food & Wine Movies—Paired With Wine

Wine and film share a profound link: the ability of a single sip or scene to transport your senses away to a wholly different time and place. Below are our staff picks for best movies that celebrate food & wine. Elevate your movie watching with our suggested wine pairings. TOP 5 FOOD & WINE MOVIES […]

This Pinot Noir reminds me of Williams Selyem, Gary Farrell, and…

This Pinot Noir reminds me of Williams Selyem, Gary Farrell, and Rochioli Pinots.  I was so impressed with the fact that this is NOT an over-extracted Pinot Noir. It’s not the big, over the top, juicy wine that seems to be a fad in California right now.  This is a pristine pinot, with minerality, elegance, and precision. […]

One of the top 5 wines I have ever experienced…

This is one of the most eclectic, fascinating, mesmerizing wines I have ever tasted in my life.  I have tasted an amazing array of remarkable wines, and this wine is simply breath taking. It’s actually comical when you put this in your mouth and play with it; the density, concentration, richness, balance, power, intensity, elegance, […]

‘Bartolucci Vineyard’ sandwiched between Abreu & Spottswoode

I had a bottle of the 2010 Honig Bartolucci Vineyard Napa Valley Cabernet in San Francisco over the weekend and absolutely loved it.  I have always supported Honig wines and inquired about the availability of their top of the line Cabernet yesterday.  I now understand why Honig has always been “hush-hush” about this bottling.  The […]

In vino felicitas. In wine there is happiness.

In vino felicitas. In wine there is happiness. There is also truth, as we have been reminded, and one of the truths in my life is to make wine. I conceived the Ilaria label to share with you the geographical, cultural, intellectual and historical aspects of wine.    An excellent domestic Malbec by Ilaria. Ilaria is Italian for […]