One of the top 5 wines I have ever experienced…

This is one of the most eclectic, fascinating, mesmerizing wines I have ever tasted in my life.  I have tasted an amazing array of remarkable wines, and this wine is simply breath taking. It’s actually comical when you put this in your mouth and play with it; the density, concentration, richness, balance, power, intensity, elegance, and sheer precision of this wine makes you wonder how in the heck did they make this!?  There is absolutely nothing ‘Shiraz’ about this wine and I will tell you that it is one of the top 5 wines I have ever been fortunate enough to experience, ever.

I can confidently say that if you were ever to put this wine up to any Cabernet from Napa Valley in your collection, and someone else’s for that matter, you will be surprised of which wine you prefer.  This is jaw dropping, multi dimensional juice that flows seamlessly across your palate.  Simply put, this is extraordinary wine and I can’t stress enough how this isn’t like any other wine you have tasted before.  I personally rated this wine 98 points (I’ve never scored a wine 99 or 100 Points) and I cannot wait for Robert Parker to taste this wine and unleash the same score, if not a perfect score.  

Philippe Melka describes this wine as “Simply Incredible!”

If you want your socks knocked off, to be blown away, and won over all over again by ridiculously stunning wine, you will trust my palate and judgment and invest in this wine.  This is on another level and completely different than anything being produced in the world.  This is brilliant winemaking and a wine that I personally will have in my collection.  

The top barrels from the most prodigious vineyards in Barossa.  2 years in 100% New French Oak Barrels, re-racked, then put back into completely different 100% New French Oak Barrels for another 2 years.  Bottle aged for 2 years.  Watch people’s jaw drop when tasting this.  

2009 Hundred Acre ‘Ancient Way Deep Time’ Shiraz Barossa Valley $299/b – $3,588 case

Almost black in color yet still creamy with stunning complex layers both aromatically and on the palate.  Broad, palate-coating blackberry liqueur and fruitcake flavors show striking depth and a plush, velvety texture. Decadently rich but surprisingly lively, finishing with superb power and thrust and smooth, late-arriving, ultra seductive tannins.  Does the finish ever stop?  Drink 2015-2035.  A minuscule amount is made.  Learn more about vintner and winemaker Jayson Woodbridge.

“From meticulous harvesting berry by berry rather than grape bunch by grape bunch, to an obsessive/compulsive barrel regime as well as winemaking, Hundred Acre is the Napa outpost of visionary and a genius” – Jayson Woodbridge

Brian Dunlap is a Senior Wine Advisor with the Wine Spectrum in Santa Rosa, California.  Brian joined the Wine Spectrum after working as a wine consultant for a wine brokerage in Northern California.  While being in the rare and boutique wine business for 8 years, Brian has been a lifelong resident in the Russian River Valley.   While being an avid collector and connoisseur of the worlds greatest wines, Brian also spends a large amount of time tending to his own vineyard and making a barrel of zinfandel each year.

“Artisan wine has been a great passion to me ever since I tasted the lineup of Martinelli wines.  While recognizing that wine is a living, breathing beauty, I have the desire to learn about fine wine in all aspects.  I take great pride in advising my clients what are collectable wines, values, whats new and hot, and what I would recommend purchasing based on your specifc preferences so that you can make informed purchases. I encourage you to contact me if you would like to learn more about the wines I provide or myself.”  – Brian Dunlap, Senior Wine Advisor

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