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Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Depth”

Depth: This is a term we often come across in tasting notes (which is a good thing because these wines have a lot to offer). Depth is a general term to describe the complexity and concentration of flavors in a wine, as in a wine with excellent or uncommon depth. It also refers to a quality […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Camphor”

Camphor is a naturally occurring aromatic compound that was derived from the camphor laurel, a large evergreen tree native to  Asia and the giant of the Bornean forests, until the 1920s, when chemists successfully synthesized it. Camphor can also be found or derived from other sources. Dried rosemary leaves, in the mint family, contain up […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Barnyard?”

B is for…Barnyard? You will often hear people describe a wine as having barnyard aromas or related terms like “horsey, manure, animal, etc.” Wines with this aroma are best described as earthy, with animal scents that remind tasters of well, a barn. However, this isn’t always a bad thing! In small doses this can be […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Austere”

Austere: You will most likely find this descriptor in the tasting notes of wines that are a) very young b) of high value and/or c) with an adequate amount of cellaring will evolve into an extraordinary wine. So what exactly does it mean? While actually a relatively vague term, austere refers to a bitterness usually […]

Bottles and Corks

Wine packaging, like the people that enjoy it, comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Later on, we will set aside some time to discuss bottle sizes (from a 187.5mL Piccolo to a 30L Melchizedek). For now, let’s talk about shapes, colors, and corks. BOTTLES 1. Bordeaux: Straight-sided and high-shouldered with a pronounced punt. 2. […]

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