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The Most Collectible Wines in the World

Collectible wines

First growth Bordeaux, the Grand Crus of Burgundy, Napa Cult Cabs, Italian Super Tuscans… these are considered some of the most rare and elite wines and are sought after by collector’s the world over. What makes a ‘great wine cellar’ is truly relative depending on the goals of the collector. Like most things in life, though, collecting works […]

What You Should Know About Bordeaux

cork with Bordeaux written on wood

With a history dating back to the Romans and home to some of the most expensive wines on Earth, Bordeaux is the modern-day red wine mecca. This famous winemaking region’s maritime climate, celebrated parcels of land, distinguished collection of grape varieties, well-honed traditions and complicated classification systems all come together to form the winemaking wonder that […]

Malbec: A Tale of Two Countries

picture of vineyard with blue sky and sunshine

France may be the birth place of Malbec, but this grape has exploded in popularity the past few years, all thanks to Argentina. Bringing it back from relative obscurity, it has flourished in the high Andes mountains, producing powerful and approachable wines. But, we can trace its history back to a little village in the […]

Tasting Notes: Word of the Week “Austere”

Austere: You will most likely find this descriptor in the tasting notes of wines that are a) very young b) of high value and/or c) with an adequate amount of cellaring will evolve into an extraordinary wine. So what exactly does it mean? While actually a relatively vague term, austere refers to a bitterness usually […]

The Second Label Secret

  We want to let you in on a secret…. Second label wines are AWESOME! In fact we were so excited by this idea that Wine Spectrum actually created our own line of “second label” wines, produced for us by a couple renowned California winemakers. We worked directly with the winemakers, utilizing their years of winemaking expertise […]

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