Valdez  Sonoma Zinfandel

Fortune 1621 Cabernet

Chateau Leroy-Beauval Bordeaux Orrin Sage Chardonnay Schrader Double Diamond Cabernet Pingus ‘PSI’ Tempranillo Northern Gale Cabernet Peirson Meyer Sophia’s Chardonnay Matthew Wallace Cabernet  Titus Cabernet













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2018 Top 100 List

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The Best of the Best

Over the course of the year we taste thousands of wines. The Top 100 Wines list represents the best of the best. Prioritizing quality above all (no wine is rated below 92 points) and popularity among our staff and clients. These are wines that delight and excite. From emerging labels to the cornerstone producers of the winemaking world, ranging from $20 to several hundred, this year’s Top 100 Wines are a true expression of the variety and diversity available to consumers today.




The Wine Spectrum Top 100 Wines of 2018 will be released the week of November 26th



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