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The Best Wine to Pair with Chicken

Satisfy your thirst to know the best pour for the poultry on your plate. Read on for some background -- and some suggestions, too. What Wine to Pair with Chicken? One reason for chicken's popularity is that it tastes good with so many different foods. Another is that it's flexible [...]

The Most Popular Wines in Every State

There’s something special about wine. Whether you’re ending the workday with a glass of Chianti while you cook or sipping crisp Chardonnay in your favorite restaurant, the mere act of opening the bottle lends a sense of celebration. To determine which types of wine are most popular by state – [...]

The Truth About Terroir

At every wine tasting, especially those comparing "old world" wine to "new world" wines, the inevitable question of terroir arises. Terroir is a French term that literally translated means: earth, or soil. However, there is no such thing as a literal translation of anything French. In a larger context, wine tasters try to define terroir as [...]

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A Guide to Understanding Burgundy

Burgundy is the name of a wine region in France; however, most of us are familiar with the name not because of high school geography, but because it’s what we call the famous red and white wine the region produces. These wines are considered to be the best money can buy, which [...]

Wine in American History: Our Founding Fathers

The founding fathers were ardent believers not only in Democracy, liberty and independence, but also in the notion that wine is pretty amazing. On top of being statesmen and revolutionaries, men like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and George Washington also knew how to drink — and drink they did. In the [...]

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Everything You Need to Know About Cabernet Sauvignon

Sought after by both serious collectors and wine novices alike, it's no secret that Cabernet has won the popularity contest hands down in the wine world. Grown in nearly every wine-producing region Cabernet is perhaps the most widely recognized varietal. It commands some of the highest prices per bottle, think [...]

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What Are Tannins? And Why Do they Matter in Wine?

Tannins. It's one of those 'wine words' commonly heard in tasting rooms and among wine circles, but many of us are unsure of what is actually means. Tannins are an important characteristic in wine making. They give wines complexity, structure and natural antioxidants to protect the wine, allowing it to [...]

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Uncommon & Rare Wines You Need to Try

Cabernet....Chardonnay.... There's a reason these tried and true varietals are the most popular in the world. But with thousands of different varieties in existence it's worth it to venture outside your wine tasting comfort zone now and again and try some uncommon wines. We've created a guide of our favorite off-the [...]

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How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

Becoming a better wine taster is the first step in becoming a better wine buyer. Our goal today is two-fold: to be able to help you identify a wines quality and be able to detect its faults and to dispel any fears or uncertainties you might have about wine tasting. At [...]

10 Amazing Wine Facts

Wine is a very old and complex drink with a long and fascinating history. It can take you years of study to really understand its intricacy and become a wine connoisseur. Still, there are a few facts about wine that everyone can grasp quickly, perfect if you want to get the [...]

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