#6 Wine of 2019 Top 100 is Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet

Wine Spectrum 2019 Top 100 

#6 Wine is 2015 Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet

2015 Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet

Cabernet |  Napa Valley |  Wine Spectrum 94+ | Buy Here

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Made by Paul Hobbs, what can you say…This wine will defy expectations!

The Steve Jobs of Wine is an apt metaphor to describe the ardent exactitude of winemaker and consultant Paul Hobbs.  He’s a quality fanatic. Twice named Wine Personality of the Year by Robert Parker, Hobbs was first hired by Robert Mondavi for his expertise in oak aging, he then moved on to Opus One and later Simi Winery.  

He crafts Cabernet Sauvignons, Chardonnays, Pinot Noirs, Merlots and Malbecs that sell to upwards of $300 a bottle and win him fame and admiration. So when we tasted the Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet he crafts we were blown away to find that it was under $50, making this wine from a legend an absolute steal !

Tasting Notes:

Once again Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet is a very dark color. Dark nose as well…dark, thick, black and red cherry with sweet mixed berries, currants and plum…none of these fruits dominates the other; its just a delightful mix of complexity. Lacquered anise and a tiny nuance of cinnamon toast add to the intrigue. Something about the intense aroma of this wine evokes a primal quest for meat, fire and shelter. There is a pleasing generous feel to this medium weight Cabernet that possesses firm, bracing, toasty oak tinged tannins.The brooding dark fruit marries well with these tannins. There is an intriguing dense, compressed, cool, feel to this wine that flavor wise is dominated by black currant and black cherry flavors with deep smoky anise and hints of bacon fat. The feel is there, the stuffing is there, the complexity of black fruits and dark flavors are there. This Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet is intense yes, but approachable.

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