#9: The 2012 Collosorbo Rosso di Montalcino, DOC

Wine Spectrum’s #9 Wine of 2015

2012 Collosorbo (Available Online)

Rosso di Montalcino  |  DOC

Wine Spectrum Rated 94: A traditional, fresh velvety wine, Rosso di Montalcino comes from the Estate’s best vineyards, the same that produce Brunello; 100% Sangiovese with persistent, fruity aromas and considerable structure. This is a very versatile wine suitable for average periods of aging.

Grape variety: 100% Sangiovese (Brunello).

Training method: single double spurred cordon.

Harvest: selection of the grapes and manual harvesting into small baskets, rapid transfer to the cellar for vinification.

Vinification: soft pressing and destemming, temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation, with frequent pumping over and medium maceration on skins.

Aging: in Slavonian and French oak barrels with a capacity between 12 and 54 Hl for about 1 years, followed by aging in the bottle for 6-8 months.

Joan, Laura, and Lucia Ciacci. Image from Collosorbo.
Joan, Laura, and Lucia Ciacci. Image from Collosorbo.

The Estate of Collosorbo was founded in 1995 by the division of the estate of Tenuta di Sesta, a historical company of Montalcino.

The company has owned by the Ciacci family since 1850. Since the beginning the company has been dedicated to the cultivation of cereals, olive trees and vineyards. It’s first bottle of Brunello di Montalcino was produced in 1966 by Giuseppe Ciacci, founder of the first of three generations of makers Brunello di Montalcino that have since followed.

The Estate of Collosorbo finds its roots in the past, roots that are alive and tangible. Today in the vineyards all operations are still strictly carried out manually, for the most part by the same hands that deal with it since more than twenty years. In the basement, where the scents of wine and wood come together in a harmonious blend; in the House, where the centuries-old walls exude history, the same story of emotions and memories that Giovanna Ciacci and his daughters, Laura and Lucia Sutera Sardo, relive their memories of life lived.

Joan, Laura, and Lucia. Three women, whose strong link to the land that has seen them grow. Three women of wine that, day after day, have dedicated life, studies, and passion to keep the wines of Tenuta di Collosorbo top.

Giovanna Ciacci deals is the Directorate-General of  the company. Laura Sutera Sardo, the youngest daughter, is an oenologist that graduated in 2006 from the University of Florence. She is in charge of winemaking and wine while being accompanied by the advice of the’ winemaker Paul Caciorgna. Paul is an estimated professional and friend, and they are supported by the excellent work done by the foreman and cellar master, Daniel Guidotti. Daniel has been responsible for the cellar of the estate for the past more than twenty years … he has become one of the family.

Lucia Sutera Sardo, an agronomist, graduated in 2001 at the ‘University of Florence, and is the sales manager of’ company. She is also in charge of the administration and agronomy.

After the division of the company in 1995 Giovanna Ciacci has kept the family crest as their main theme for each of the labels of his wines.

It’s that time of year again…

…when everyone publishes their top cars, movies, books, TV shows, and wines of the year. Wine Enthusiast (#1 San Felice 2011 Il Grigio Gran Selezione Chianti Classico) revealed theirs, and Wine Spectator (# 1 Peter Michael Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Au Paradis’) unveiled theirs. Now it’s time to release ours.

Over the next few weeks we will be releasing our lists of the top wines that we tasted in 2015. We took the thousands of wines that we tasted and narrowed it down to the best of the best. Our rankings are based upon our staff’s ratings during tastings, as well as popularity with our clients.  Lucky for us – and you – most are currently available.

Q. Why should I pay attention to the Wine Spectrum score?

A. The reason is simple. We taste and score wines with our entire sale’s team – the owner, the wine buyer, the sales manager, and all of our sale’s advisors. It’s not only one person’s opinion and rating of the wine, but a total average of the whole tasting panel. That adds up to  decades of combined tasting experience to ensure that we bring only the BEST wines to our clients. 

It is because of this and many other factors that our clients have come to respect our score and use it to help determine what wines they want to procure for their cellars and display on their tables. At Wine Spectrum you get a much better representation of how people will ENJOY a wine.

2015 wines of the year release schedule


December Schedule

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12/11: #7#6, and #5 ranked wines

12/14: #4 and #3 ranked wines

12/15: #2 ranked wine

12/16: #1 ranked wine

12/18: #11 – #25 ranked wines

12/21: #26 – #50 ranked wines

12/21: 2015 Winemaker of the Year

12/22: #51 – #75 ranked wines

12/23: #76 – #100 ranked wines

January Schedule

1/4: Top Chardonnay’s of the Year

1/7: Top Pinot Noir’s of the Year

1/11: Top Cabernet Sauvignon’s of the Year

1/14: Top Other Domestic Red’s of the Year

1/18: Top International Wines of the Year

1/21: Top Wines of the Year under $60


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