Capturing the Russian River Valley – Arista RRV Chardonnay

2019 Arista Russian River Valley Chardonnay

2019 Arista Russian River Valley Chardonnay

Have you ever gone to a wine tasting, and to your surprise, your favorite wine on the flight was the first one you tasted? Despite knowing that the flight is designed to start with the affordable wine they make the most of (you know, the one that you would be most likely to see in a wine store) and then progress from there, there is just something about that first wine that keeps you coming back for more?

When this happens, it is usually because the first wine is an appellation-level wine that does an excellent job of capturing the quality of the wine region as a whole. After all, you chose to make a trip to that wine region for a reason, why wouldn’t you want a wine that captures everything in one bottle? Don’t get us wrong, we love a good single vineyard wine as much as anyone, but there is something to be said about the charm and appeal of a really good appellation-level wine.

You can probably sense where we’re going with this. The 2019 Arista Russian River Valley Chardonnay is a really, really good appellation-level wine. If we were tasked with choosing one wine to speak to what makes Russian River Chardonnay special, this would be our choice.

It’s a true reflection of the growing conditions and climate of the region, which ultimately shape the character of the wine. From the refreshing acidity resulting from the cool, foggy mornings to the rich, creamy texture that their sunny afternoons make possible, every sip transports you there.


Appealingly rich, with buttery nuances to the apricot, lemon curd and toasted sesame flavors, showing restraint and freshness on the sleek frame. Drink now.


The Russian River Valley Chardonnay is a blend of our three Russian River Valley vineyards: El Diablo Vineyard on Eastside Road, Banfield Vineyard on Martinelli Road, and Ritchie Vineyard on Eastside Road. This wine is made with a modest amount of new oak to allow the fruit to take center stage and has a great richness and silkiness, yet still possessing firm structure. Notes of brioche, yellow peach, panna cotta, and white flowers greet the nose, while flavors of tangy limeade, pear nectar, lemon zest are buoyed by a savory and mouth-watering mix of acid and minerals on the finish.

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