Jayson Woodbridge and Hundred Acre create a possibly perfect wine.

“Good” isn’t a word Jayson Woodbridge, owner, vintner and visionary of Hundred Acre would use when it comes to his wines. His motto is clear and concise, “stand amongst the very best or not at all”; he’s spared no expense assembling one of Napa Valley’s most exciting wines.

Accompanied by a team of Napa Valley’s brightest stars, Philippe Melka consultant (to the winemaking team) and Jim Barbour vineyard manager, Woodbridge has managed to create what Robert Parker has called, “a terrific example of great Napa Cabernet Sauvignon”

Using a very “hands on” winemaking style; for Jayson, each step from hand picking the vineyards in numerous passes, hand sorting the fruit berry by berry, the forest and age of wood carefully selected and measured prior to barrels being made. Everything hand crafted, hand pruned, scrutinized and aligned for his desired response, near critical perfection and some of the finest wine known to man. Each wine represents single estate vineyards with 100% single varietal from the Napa and Barossa Valleys: Hundred Acre Kayli Morgan Cabernet Sauvignon, Hundred Acre Ark Cabernet Sauvignon and Hundred Acre Ancient Way Shiraz.

“From meticulous harvesting berry by berry rather than grape bunch by grape bunch, to an obsessive/compulsive barrel regime as well as winemaking, Hundred Acre is the Napa outpost of visionary and a genius” – Jayson Woodbridge

His first effort was from his home vineyard, Kayli Morgan, which is situated east of St. Helena. That offering was followed by a Cabernet from the 15 acre Ark Vineyard on Howell Mountain. Woodbridge recently purchased a tiny, well-situated hillside parcel above the Eisele Vineyard, southeast of Calistoga. All things considered, this is an extraordinary group of wines. They are not easy to secure unless you are on Hundred Acre’s mailing list, but they are truly profound offerings that showcase a variety of Napa Valley terroirs as well as different harvesting and barrel aging techniques.  The most common characteristic among all of the Hundred Acre Cabernet Sauvignons is their incredibly opulent, creamy textures. That character vindicates Woodbridge’s harvesting decisions as he seems to achieve extraordinarily sweet, noble tannins in all of his wines. 850-hundred-acre

“With close-to-perfect Robert Parker ratings and up to a five-year waiting list for his Hundred Acre vintages, the maverick vintner of Napa Valley believes good wine is a birthright.”


Hundred Acre wines currently available:

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