Sauvignon Blanc: Bright, Crisp, and Highly Popular

It comes as no shock that millennials are shying away from that big, buttery Chardonnay that was popular back in the ’80s. What they are craving is a bit more crisp, light, and easy-drinking. Rosé seemed to satisfy the taste buds of the newer generation, but another varietal has seemed to be on the up-tick: enter Sauvignon Blanc. 

Sauvignon Blanc originates from France, particularly the Loire Valley and Bordeaux regions, but it is now prominent worldwide. New Zealand helped popularize Sauvignon Blanc and we now see it grown in California, South Africa and Chile, to name a few of the most interesting areas. These regions all have the right climates to grow this refreshing white varietal, to retain it’s bright acidity, and preserve the natural expressions of the wine. 

With this high demand, many wineries are looking to add this popular white varietal to their portfolio. In order to stay true to the wineries’ signature taste, Sauvignon Blanc can be made in a style particular to them. Sauvignon Blanc can be aged in stainless steel (as is typical) to maintain the brightness, the acid, and the zest of the wine. If you are seeking something less dry, producers can blend other varietals, such as Sémillon, to add some body and to soften out the wine. 

Range of Sauvignon Blanc flavor notes, dependent on climate.

It’s not only the light, effortless drinking of Sauvignon Blanc that results in people reaching for it off the shelves — it is also its affordability. There is a plethora of great producers and wines that are selling for just the right price that don’t compromise the taste. It is a grape variety that grows plentiful, and doesn’t take too much time to produce— picked in autumn, it can be ready in to drink in spring.

With summer creeping upon us, it’s the perfect time to take sip. 

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