Wow Your Guests With Magnums


There’s nothing that screams “celebration” more than pouring wine from a magnum-sized bottle. A magnum, is twice as big as a standard 750 milliliter bottle and serves 10 glasses of wine. Serving wine from a magnum is an impressive sight to behold, and makes a statement! Magnum bottles are perfect for family get-togethers or any other type of gathering with a larger group of people attending. No need to wait for the holidays, magnum season is now!

Benefits of a Magnum Bottle

  • Wines are preserved better in a magnum—they can last longer in a magnum than in other sizes. Magnums provide greater capacity, twice that of the usual bottle, with improved wine preservation. The expansion chamber is smaller with respect to the liquid contained in the bottle—there is a better oxygen to wine ratio than in a 750 milliliter bottle.
  • With Champagne specifically, magnums also help the wine gain flavor—not just keep it. During the Champagne fermentation process, winemakers add yeast that gives the wine effervescence and personality. In a magnum, the yeast has room to spread out and do more work. The wine has more texture, complexity and nuance—even after it’s bottled.
  • The magnum bottle is more exclusive—not all wineries offer this size-it’s more expensive to produce than the standard size. Every aspect of magnum bottles involves a process using special materials and treatments, from corks to labels, including the bottle itself, its storage and its transport.

Opening a Magnum

You should stand the bottle vertical at least 48 hours prior to opening. This allows the sediment to settle to the bottom. Open like you would a normal size bottle with an opener you are comfortable with.


  • Once opened, pour the wine into decanters and then into glasses. It’s much easier than trying to pour straight into glasses, especially from a full bottle. 
  • Cradle the wine while pouring with one hand around the base for the best control.

When the wine has been decanted—place the bottle on the table for that extra ‘WOW’ factor at a special occasion. 

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