The Bravest Winegrowers are the Best Winegrowers: 2021 Occidental (Kistler) Pinot Noir

2021 Occidental (Kistler) 'Freestone-Occidental' Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

2021 Occidental (Kistler) ‘Freestone-Occidental’ Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Wine geeks like us are always drawn to stories of brave pioneers who venture into inhospitable land with a dream for a singular vinous expression.

One of our favorite stories is about the West Sonoma Coast and its exquisite Pinot Noir. Nested between the dramatic bluffs of the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Redwood forests are vineyards perched on rugged hills enveloped in heavy marine fog. It is hard to imagine a more challenging wine-growing condition. It is equally hard to imagine a more perfect canvas for world-class Pinot Noir.

Sounding good already? How about if we add the name Steve Kistler to the mix?

Recognizing the singular brilliance of this terroir, Steve was inspired to launch Occidental Wines in 2011 and the results have been nothing but extraordinary. Steve’s wines are heralded for their seamlessness, purity, and nuance. 

In 2022, in what was a moment of triumph for Steve and the other winemakers of the region, the federal government approved the new West Sonoma Coast AVA. It is Sonoma County’s 19th and newest nested AVA. 

We’re excited for you to taste and enjoy one of the wines that led that charge.

The Freestone-Occidental is a very bright, high-toned, marine-influenced wine that could only have come from our ridgetop vineyards. Crystalline, vivid, mouthwatering, with a salty mineral finish, the 2021 Freestone-Occidental evokes juicy red/purple berries and a near perfect balance of finesse and energy with beautifully sculpted tannins. Its modest alcohol (13.3%) makes this wine a perfect complement to any meal. It is delicious now and will develop nice in the bottle.

Follow the link here to grab a bottle for yourself.

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