A Tradition of Excellence: 2019 Chateau Paradis Casseuil Bordeaux AC

2019 Château Paradis Casseuil

No one really knows why this heavenly name was given to the property, but we certainly have committed ourselves to honour it!

– Baron Eric de Rothschild

When searching for a value wine, one tried and true method is to seek out modestly priced selections from a legendary winemaking house. We know of few, if any, names more legendary than “Lafite” and “Rothschild.” Would you believe you can enjoy a wine crafted at their Domaine for $32/bottle?

From Domaine Baron de Rothschild (Lafite) comes Château Paradis Casseuil, their vineyard holding in in the Entre-deux-Mers region of Bordeaux. At the intersection of the Dordogne and Garronne rivers, the vineyard is nestled in a fairytale-like forest overlooking the Garronne. It is a site particularly suited to Merlot, making up 70% of the blend.

As the wine was poured, our team reacted instantly to the regal purple and crimson robe that filled the glass. Pouring such a youthful Bordeaux, we set out a few small bites to greet the expected robust tannic structure, but we were all pleasantly surprised at how soft and elegant this wine was on our palates. In fact, the Domaine reports that they intend for this wine to be enjoyed as soon as 2 years after harvest. This means you can drink well-crafted Bordeaux from a Domaine with a tradition of excellence while you wait for your investment bottles to reach their peak.

While we sipped, enjoying how approachable and refreshing this wine was and enjoying its intense fruit and slightly woody aromas, it was crystal clear that this was a wine crafted in a legendary tradition.


The wines of Château Paradis Casseuil are characterized by their freshness, intense fruity and slightly woody aromas. They can be consumed within 2 to 3 years after harvest. The average production of Château Paradis Casseuil is 8,000 cases per year. The choice of a limited yield aims to guarantee high quality wines, respectful of the DBR (Lafite) style.


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