#6 Wine of 2019 Top 100 is Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet

Wine Spectrum 2019 Top 100  #6 Wine is 2015 Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet 2015 Sixteen by Twenty Cabernet Cabernet |  Napa Valley |  Wine Spectrum 94+ | Buy Here Made by Paul Hobbs, what can you say…This wine will defy expectations! The Steve Jobs of Wine is an apt metaphor to describe the ardent exactitude […]

#7 Wine of 2019 is Rivers Marie Bearwallow Chardonnay

Wine Spectrum Top 100  #7 Wine of 2019 is 2017 Rivers Marie Bearwallow Chardonnay 2017 Rivers Marie Bearwallow Chardonnay Chardonnay |  Anderson Valley |  Wine Spectrum 95 | Buy Here Rare new release from Rivers-Marie owner and winemaker Thomas Rivers Brown.  Thomas River Brown is without question the most sought after consulting winemaking in California.  His […]

#8 Wine of 2019 Top 100 is Ronchi Barbaresco

Wine Spectrum 2019 Top 100  #8 Wine is 2014 Ronchi Barbaresco 2014 Ronchi Barbaresco Nebbiolo |  Piedmont |  Wine Spectrum 95 Due to extremely limited availability this wine will be available exclusively through purchase of our Top 100 Tasting Case to be released on Dec 2nd   The perfect ambassador for Italian Wine If I […]

#10 Wine of 2019 is Stanton Petite Sirah

Wine Spectrum Top 100  #10 Wine of 2019 2016 Stanton Petite Sirah 2016 Stanton Petite Sirah  Petite Sirah |  St. Helena |  Wine Spectrum 95 | Buy Here “One of the BEST Petite Sirah’s we’ve EVER had…” This is big, beautiful red has all the Dave Phinney (of Prisoner and Orin Swift fame) hallmarks of winemaking […]

Customer Pick: 2015 Tether Red Blend

There are a lot of reasons to buy wine… It could be for a gift, to celebrate a special occasion, for a party, re-stocking after said party, or to just enjoy with a weeknight meal. But perhaps one of the most unique reasons we’ve had a customer give for buying wine was to celebrate space […]

8 Years in the Desert : A New Wine from Dave Phinney and Orin Swift

8 years in the desert with car background

Wine lovers across the country may not know him by name, but they have seen and drank his wines. They are everywhere, from grocery stores to high-end wine shops. Even the wine-curious, that know his many brands, such as the Prisoner and Orin Swift, know little about the mind behind some of the most successful […]

The Best Wines to Pair with Pizza

  Wine and pizza. Like bacon and eggs and cookies and milk, some things in life are just meant to be. Although, these days there are just about as many pizza toppings out there as there are wine varieties, and that’s where things can get a little tricky. In general with pairings stick to the […]

Jim Barbour: The Manager of Napa’s Most Prized Vineyards

Jim was raised in Napa Valley on his family’s ranch in Rutherford, now home to Sequoia Grove Winery. The ranch was planted in prunes, apples and grapes – a diverse set of crops and fairly typical of the time. The wine industry had not yet fully kicked into gear and most of the Valley’s agricultural […]

Sleight of Hand Cellars is Washington’s Next Cult Winery

Sleight of Hand Cellars delivers simply magical wines We all covet Cayuse and love Leonetti, but who can get them? Now is the time to start collecting the bottles that will be the next big thing.  Sleight of Hand cellars is on our short list of wineries to watch. Delicious wines are a joy on […]